T42P - Morning Tea Set with Pot

Morning Tea Set with Pot

Weight: - 1lb. 12 oz.

This set first appears in the 1927 catalogue: -

"With Tea Pot No. 145. 25/- (24/-). A gift which will have daily use, and being light in weight, is just the thing for invalids."

Consists of: 1 x 143 tray, 2 x 135 teacups, 2 x 136 saucers, 1 x 137 cream jug, 1 x 138 sugar bowl and 1 x 145 teapot. See also T42 - Morning Tea Set.

Interestingly, in later versions of this set, the Tea Pot is replaced by a metal one and the milk jug is replaced by a 144J - Childs Tea Pot, presumably to reflect the fact that the teapot was not very effective for holding hot water! See T42AP below.


Morning Tea Set with Pot

The illustration above is from Price List B1, 1939: -

"Ideal Gift. With Chrome Teapot and Spoons. Lightweight, only 1 lbs. Complete . . . 17/6"