192, 192C & 192D - Electric Table Lamp

Registered Design: - 740349

Photo 192D taken at Brookes & Adams, 1992



The lamp first appears in the 1927 catalogue: -

"With tilting Dome Shade for reading or bedside, weighted base, soft restful light. Each 32/6" " (Cat. 1927, p12, illus.)

The lamp was also listed as being available with an "Ordinary" Shade.

On a recent visit to The National Archives we looked at the design representations for the 192C - "Ordinary" lamp shade (illustrated to the right), and noticed how similar it was to an inverted 130 - Fruit or Rose Bowl.
Looking through some old magazines and cuttings we found a picture of a lamp, belonging to "Decodance", with a 192C - lamp shade and the similarity was still evident.
So! Armed with our Banda Rouge 130 - Bowl and our Lamp base (together with a little help from Photoshop!) Voila!