145 - Patent Tea Pot

Height: - 4¼ inches
Volume: - ¾ pint
Patent No.: 285175

“THE BANDALASTA TEAPOT is a combination of clever design and artistic merit. It consists of three pieces, The Pot, Infuser Top and Small Lid, which all take apart easily for cleaning. THE INFUSER makes the pot most economical in tea and also prevents the leaves from entering the pot or clogging the spout. Instead of the usual unhygienic spout the pot is fitted with a lip which pours perfectly provide the pot is not overfilled with liquid. No catches or ribs are necessary to hold the large lid as the infuser acts as a pendulum and this prevents the lid falling off in all normal positions of use. As with all Bandalasta articles all parts are interchangeable and may be obtained separately. Base . . . 5/-, Infuser . . . 5/-, Top . . . 1/-. At present this pot is made in small size only – capacity three tea cups.” (Advertising Leaflet, c.1928, illus.)

NB The teapot in the earlier catalogue had an infuser as part of the lid and separate small central lid. In the second catalogue, the lid appears to be moulded as one piece.

Frank Brookes stated in 2008 that the teapot could not take boiling water!!