80 - Biscuit Box

Height: - 5 inches
Length: - 4 inches
Width: - 4 inches

Reg'd Design: -

Photo taken at Brookes & Adams 24/09/08

This box first appears in the 1927 catalogue: -

"Also supplied marked "Tea" and "Sugar", holds 2lbs. Sugar. 6/11 each"

and also appears in the 1933 "Banda Ware" price list: -

"Banda Wood Square Provision Containers. Attractive grained Walnut or Mahogany. Lettered on front: "Coffee," "Tea," "Sugar," "Biscuits," "Rice," "Sago," "Tapioca," or supplied with matt panel unmarked. Any special naming up to about eight letters, at 6d. each container extra. Made in the popular 2lb size only, 4¼ in. square X 5 in. high. Price 3/9 each, Colours 5/11 each."

The fact that these boxes were also moulded in "Bandalasta" is confirmed by the picture below.

According to Frank Brookes (2008), later versions of this box "lost" the bottom ridge.

Photo courtesy of David Allen
A recent aquisition suggests that on some versions of this box, the text was gilded. This would have produced a stunning effect.