71 - Banda Table Skittles

71 - Banda Table Skittles

Diameter: - 13 inches
Patent No.: 441290

Registered Design: 7945(9)00

"A popular game in novel and improved form. Moulded in attractive colours, Walnut and Green. Easily and quickly erected and taken down when required. Scoring board is an integral part of the base. A high-class and well made game. Boxed complete 17/6. Improved 'SILENT' model 20/-" (Price List, 1938, illus.)

Marked - Pro. Patent 21377-34. The illustrated item differs slightly from the patent specification in that the pole, suspending the ball, fits onto the base unit via a rubber ferrule and is not screwed in position. Presumably this is the Improved ‘SILENT’ model.

The skittles on the set illustrated were very fragile and prone to chip easily, however, another set has been seen with rubber skittles which are much more robust.