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This section is for photographs and information relating to the other companies who manufactured BEATL products (e.g Linga Longa, M.L. etc). Very little seems to be known about these companies, so ANY information would be greatly appreciated.



"Linga Longa" was manufactured by a Birmingham (UK) company called "C. Hughes and Co. Ltd." of Diadem Works, Tenby Street North, Birmingham. Unfortunately, the factory no longer exists. Oddly enough, this factory was only a few yards away from the premises of Joseph Lucas who acquired M.L. from Smiths Clocks (see below) and was in easy walking distance of the Bandalasta factory on Barr Street.

In Kelly's directory for 1930, Christopher Hughes, the proprietor, is listed as a manufacturer of Fancy Goods. According to the trade mark representations directory, held by the National Archives, the name "LINGALONGA" was registered on 27th April 1928.

Linga Longa wares were marketed by BEATL Sales Ltd. and were sold alongside Bandalasta in the BEATL Shop.

Small Bowl

Small Bowl, diameter 4 in; height 1.75 in.

Teapot Stand, diameter 5.75 in.

Teapot Stand
Tea Set

A Tea Set for Six. Containing 6 cups, 6 Saucers, 6 Tea plates, 1 Sandwich plate, Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl. What's left of the original box can be seen in the background. In the foreground is an extra trio with a smaller cup (numbered 811 or 311) and "scallop' cornered saucer and plate (numbered 830).

Picture and info. courtesy of Lesley Russell.

883 - Salt and Pepper Shakers (each; Diameter - 1.75 in.; Height - 3 in.)

Picture courtesy of Chris Elliott.

Egg Cup?
Powder Bowl

A small Powder Bowl, diameter 2.5 in; height 2.5 in.

Picture and info. courtesy of David Allen.

Small chrome mustard pot with LingaLonga insert.

Picture from eBay, Feb. 2009

Here is a list of known Linga Longa items (If this list gets too big we'll move it to a new page!): -

Number Description Dimensions
806 Sandwich Plate Diameter - 6.5 in.
808 Drinking Horn or Beaker Height - 2.75 in.
811 Teacup  
827 Motorists Set 4 Horns in Leather Case
830 Scallop Cornered Plate  
831 Butter Dish  
849 Mug  
865 Clock 30 Hour
874 Baby Plate  
880 Tankard  
883/4 Boxed Condiment Set See Picture above
1894 Footed Bowl See Picture above
  Coffee Cup
Diameter - 2.5 in.; Height - 2 in.
  Muffin Dish
Diameter - 6 in.
  Powder Bowl with Lid Diameter - 2.5 in.; Height - 2.5 in.
  Powder Bowl with Lid Diameter - 4 in.; Height - 3.5 in.
Diameter - 4.25 in.
  Scallop Cornered Saucer
  Sugar Bowl
Diameter - 4 in.; Height - 1.75 in.
  Teapot Stand
Diameter - 5.75 in.
  Mustard Pot insert (see above)

M. L.

M.L. wares were manufactured by a Coventry (U.K) based firm called M.L. Magneto Syndicate Ltd. This company started out producing magnetos for the automotive industry. They were taken over in 1919 by Smith's Clocks who sold them in 1930 to Joseph Lucas.

A reference on the Competition Commission website states - "The items in the Smiths List included clocks, petrol meters, pressure gauges, oil gauges, dashboard thermometers, sparking plugs and mechanical wipers, as well as a number of other items of car equipment and certain aviation instruments, Smiths was to continue to obtain its requirements of bakelite mouldings from M.L. Magneto Syndicate Ltd. until such time as it decided to manufacture such mouldings for its own consumption only, and it agreed not to compete with M.L. Magneto. Car heaters, which in 1930 were practically unknown in this country except for very specialised uses, were not mentioned in any of the lists."

The M. L. in the company name comes from the names of the two founders, Morris and Lister.

M.L. wares were also marketed by BEATL Sales Ltd. and were sold alongside Bandalasta in the BEATL Shop. Many items of M.L. ware are stamped on the base with the company name and a design code.

136 - Fruit Bowl

A 136 - Fruit Bowl, diameter 10 in; height 2.25 in, in a colour very similar to Banda Rouge.

A 124 - Teapot

Picture and info. courtesy of David Allen.

124 - Teapot
109 - Mug

A 109 - Mug.

Picture and info. courtesy of David Allen.

A Teaset for 6 in a lockable, leather carry case. Containing 6 x 137 - Cups and 6 x 112 - Tennis Saucers in a variety of colours.

Teaset for 6

Circular Tray 305-12 with Hors d'oeuvre inserts 148.

Picture and information courtesy of Richard Cotton.

An illustration of how much plastics must have been valued in the early days. This is a commemorative item from H.M.S. Iron Duke with a 257 Pin Tray insert.

Plaque reads - "From the Teak of H.M.S. Iron Duke, Admiral Jellicoe's Flag Ship, Jutland 1916"

From H.M.S. Iron Duke
From H.M.S. Iron Duke

Another picture of the H.M.S. Iron Duke commemorative tray.

Picture and information courtesy of Pete Beer.

Here is a list of known M.L. items (If this list gets too big we'll move it to a new page!): -

Number Description Dimensions
100 Teacup  
101 Saucer  
102 Tea Plate  
103 Sugar Bowl  
106 Small Bowl Diameter - 3.5 in.; Height - 2 in.
109 Mug Diameter - 2.5 in.; Height - 3 in.
112 Tennis Plate/Saucer
Length - 8 in.; Width - 6 in.
115 Octagonal Bowl  
120 Saucer Diameter - 5.25 in.
124 Teapot Diameter - 4.5 in. (Excl. Spout and Handle); Height - 5 in.
128 Campers Plates or Bowls  
136 Fruit Bowl Diameter - 10 in.; Height - 2.25 in.
137 Cup
Diameter - 2.75 in.; Height 2.5 in.
138 Sandwich Box
Length - 8 in.; Width - 5.5 in.; Depth - 4.5 in.
140 Sandwich Box
Length - 7 in.; Width - 5 in.; Depth - 4 in.
145 Toast Rack
147 Hors d'oeuvre set
On tray 307
148 Hors d'oeuvre set On tray 305-12
257 Pin Tray Diameter - 3.75 ins.; Height 1.5 ins.
294 Bowl  
305-12 Cicular Tray Diameter - 12 ins.
307 Cicular Tray  
405 Footed Bowl Diameter - 8.5 in.; Height - 5.5 in.
479/6 Napkin Rings  
483 Bowl  
561 Drinking Horn or Beaker Height - 3.5 in.
578 Beaker Height - 3.75 in.
581 Beaker  


Streetly Manufacturing Company were a Birmingham (UK) based company who were taken over by British Cyanides Company Ltd. in 1929. This company later went on to become British Industrial Plastics Ltd. Early mouldings from Streetlys are very similar to the wares of Bandalasta with a similar colour range. They are often unmarked but occasionaly have the initials S.M.C. moulded into the plastic. The company later went on to produce a range of tablewares for Woolworths using a new urea moulding powder which could produce mouldings in white, translucent and pastel shades. These wares were given the name "Beetleware"

According to "The Beetle" magazine . summer 1938 (as referenced in: - "Made in Birmingham, Ed. Barbara Tilson, Brewin Books, 1990"), Streetlys also produced a range of wares under the name "Beaconware". Beaconware was marketed by BEATL Sales Ltd. and was sold alongside Bandalasta in the BEATL Shop.

Garniture by Streetlys. The clock is marked "SMC" but the candlesticks are unmarked. However, we are certain that the candlesticks are moulded by Streetlys, as a boxed pair of identical candlesticks turned up on eBay a couple of years ago, and the box was marked "Streetly Manufacturing Co. Ltd." (A bit of a giveaway that!!!)
And just to confirm it!

And for a bit of fun!!!!


There was a young moulder of Streetly
Who handled his mould indiscreetly;
Instead of a pin
He inserted his chin,
Which ruined his moulding completely.

Beetle Magazine 1938

A lidded pot commemorating the coronation of King Edward VIII, marked "Beetleware".

"Powder Box
The Illustration is of a most striking Powder Box which is a two colour moulding job. The ivory cameo head stands out clearly on the black background and the effect is exceptionally pleasing."

Beetle Magazine 1936

Lidded Pot
Measuring Spoons

A multi-coloured set of measuring spoons, marked "Beetleware".

Produced for Swansdown Cakeflour

And a shop display for the same measuring spoons.

Picture courtesy of David Scheeiding. (click picture for larger version)

Swansdown Cakeflour
S27 - Bowl


S27 - Bowl, Diameter - 10 in.; Height 3.5 in. A bowl of this type is illustrated on the "Colours" advertisement for "The BEATL Shop", a link to a copy of which can be found on the "What Is It?" page.

Picture and info. courtesy of David Allen.


This section will contain items from companies other than the BIG four!.


A small octagonal bowl, Diameter 4 in.; Height 2.5 in. Maker unknown, marked underneath with a Beetle (see above right).

Picture and info. courtesy of David Allen.

Beetle mark on base of the small octagonal bowl.

If anyone has any info. on the origin of this mark, please let us know.

More brightly coloured Beatl wares from "Belplastic".

British Plastics & Moulded Products Trader, February 1932.

Looking at the items on the table, it would seem that "Belplastic" were the moulders of "Linsden Ware".