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If anyone has any old photographs of the Bandalasta factory or the Beatl shop on Regent Street (or anything interesting), that they would like us to include in our picture gallery. Please contact us at the email address at the foot of this page.


We would like to thank the following people (in no particular order) for their help during the construction of this website: -

Sue Robinson (253 - Dominoes: catalogue entry and picture)

Chris Elliott (133 - Butter Dish, 244 - Jug and 181 - Circular Tray: catalogue entry and pictures plus lots of other stuff)

Margaret Brown (Union Case)

David Bowsher (Lots of useful information)

Maurice (Ilat Picnic Set)

Isabelle Haurat (Kirby Beard Picnic Set)

David Allen (Punch Advert, Colour NY8G and 204 - Grapefruit dish with chrome insert, and lots of other stuff.)

Richard Cotton (ML Hors d'ouevre set pictures and info.)

Brookes & Adams (Goes without saying!)


Bandalasta is the trade name of a type of plastic ware which was manufactured in Birmingham, England from the 1920's. To find out more visit the "What is it?" page. For a list of all the pieces we are aware of, and lots of photos, check out the " Catalogue page". The "Picture Gallery" contains photos of other interesting and related items such as adverts, boxed sets etc. Want to find out about your "Picnic Set"? You'll find some useful information here. If you are a collector of Bandalasta or are interested in starting a collection, check out the "Collecting Bandalasta" page. The "Bandalasta Life" page is where we will put pictures, anecdotes etc. of Bandalasta in real life and the "More Beatle" page is for further information on the other companies who were involved in the manufacture and production of Beatl Wares. Finally, the "Other Stuff" section is where we will put anyhing else that doesn't fit into the previous categories. 


We are constantly on the lookout for interesting and unusual pieces of Bandalasta, so, if you have any pieces for sale or if you have any photos of unusual items that you would like us to include on the site, please e-mail details to the address at the foot of this page.

One item that we have been searching for, for many years, is the lamp illustrated to the right, we have the base of the lamp but not the shade.


Some new aquisitions will appear here soon.


Here are a few items that are puzzling us at the moment. If anyone can shed any light on these items please let us know.

Dominoe Mystery

The picture on the left is of a set of dominoes, which are identical in shape, size and design to those known to be Bandalasta (253). The puzzling thing is that these are marked as "Bakelite Ltd" and are clearly made from Bakelite. Also, there is no Registered Design No. on this set.

Could Brookes & Adams have supplied the dies to Bakelite Ltd? Did Brookes and Adams produce the dominoes as a promotional item for Bakelite Ltd. (allthough this would seem a bit odd)? If anyone knows, please get in touch.


This is a boxed breakfast set comprising a napkin ring, salt and pepper pourers and an egg cup. They look and feel like Bandalasta, but the only item marked as Bandalasta is the egg cup. The pattern number on the egg cup is 180E but in the catalogue, the number 180 is associated with a different style of egg cup.

The other odd thing about the egg cup is that the backstamp says "Made in Australia". Maybe the E in the pattern number refers to "Export", who knows? A real mystery!

Breakfast Set
Mystery Object - 01
This strange bowl like object, again, looks and feels like Bandalasta but is unmarked. It's possible that it was made by one of the other companies (Linga Longa, ML etc.) but we've never seen any of their products in quite this colour. If anyone recognises the bowl we'd love to know more.

This really is a strange one. The bowl on the right appeared on eBay in February 2002. The description was as follows: -

" The bowl measures 12" in diameter and 2.5" in height... The underside bears the Bandalasta makers mark, which reads as follows: - Bandalasta REGD 161,BCM/BANDA, Made in England, OF BEATLE WARE. The underside has a screw fitment, so it is possible that the bowl may have screwed onto a pedestal base."

The problem is that the pattern number 161 is associated with a dessert plate not a bowl, and it is unusual for two different designs to have the same number.

161? - Bowl

Also, the bowl looks and sounds like the top section of a 113 - Fruit Bowl, but in all the ones we've seen, the top section is unmarked.

One possibility is that, maybe, Brookes and Adams produced and sold just the top section of the bowl because the complete 113 bowl is fairly ugly. In fact, one of the ones from our collection has clearly been used as two seperate items, the top part being used as a bowl and the bottom part as a flowerpot holder.


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BROOKES & ADAMS at - Where it all began!

EVELYNNE'S OLDIES BUT GOODIES at evelynnesoldiesbutgoodies - a great online shop for authentic vintage bakelite, cellulloid and lucite jewelry, kitchenware and related deco collectibles.

One of eBay's guides entitled "Bakelite and other vintage plastic collectables" is worth a look. It is entertaining and informative, check it out!